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Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


Tanzania safari tours are a trip of a lifetime. And the good news is you can go on Safari Tanzania all year round. But if we have to narrow it down then, the dry season of June to October is undoubtedly the Best Time To Visit Tanzania.


Tanzania safari tours are a trip of a lifetime. And the good news is you can go to Safari Tanzania all year round. But if we have to narrow it down then, the dry season of June to October is undoubtedly the best time to visit Tanzania.

Overall this is the ideal period to witness the great migration of wildebeest in Serengeti, to explore the quieter southern Selous reserve and its incredible wildlife sightings. Plus, the dry season is the best time to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, as the clear skies offer spectacular views from the peak.

Tanzania Safari Weather

The tropical country of Tanzania is situated south of the equator. All in all, Tanzania has a comfortable climate all year-round. But, the higher altitude creates significant regional variations. The coastal part of Tanzania is the hottest and most humid part. Whereas, the low-lying areas of western and southern Tanzanian National parks feel less humid. The central plateau, on the other hand, is pretty awesome.

Tanzania Safari Season

Altogether Tanzania experiences two distinct wet seasons.

There are two rainy seasons—

March to May- Heavy rains

November to January-  shorter period of rain

In between falls the dry season of June to October where you will see a drastic fall in temperature.

June To October –Dry Season

From late June to late October, Tanzania experiences a dry season. Understandably the vegetation is less dense in the dryer months. So naturally, all the animals gather at watering holes and rivers, which makes for great wildlife sightings. Also, all the Tanzanian National parks are a lot more popular at this time of the year. Skies are clear, days are sunny, with cold mornings and nights. Hence probably the ideal time for a beach retreat.

November to May –Wet Season

The wet season is the perfect time for game drives in safari Tanzania if you’re willing to be a bit more patient. As this is the breeding season, with the newborn animals comes an increase in predators. In fact, it is the best time to see the wildebeest calving in Serengeti. In the wet months from November to February, the vegetation is much lusher, which makes navigation a little trickier. But the exceptional scenic beauty of all the Tanzanian destinations during this period is second to none. Also, it is the best time for bird watching on Tanzania safari.

Best Time For Tanzania Safari Wildebeest Migration

Hands down, the spectacular wildebeest migration is the best Safari in Tanzania. Many travelers plump for Tanzania Travel to witness the great wildebeest migration. But in reality, the Wildebeest migration is an unending yearlong cycle occurring at different parts of the country at different times of the year.

  • The Wildebeest progress around Serengeti National Park all year round. They begin from the south between January to April and arrive near Seronera Valley around May, June.
  • However, July to October is the best time to see the wildebeest migration.
  • During this period, huge herds reach the Grumeti River in search of water flowed closely by the hungry predators. Hence it is also the best time to witness the predator-prey drama.
  • Next, they cross the Mara River between August and September.
  • They return to the Serengeti just around October.
  • Soon after that, they head south again, arriving at eastern plains around November, December.

So, if you’re hoping to witness the wildebeest migration during your safari to Tanzania then it’s important to be aware of when and where exactly the Great Wildebeest Migration is happening at that given point of time.

Best Time For Tanzania Safari Activities

June to October: All Tanzania national parks

June-July:  Wildebeest migration and calving

January-February: Serengeti National Park for the wildebeest migration and calving

December to March: Mt. Kilimanjaro Hike

December to February: Zanzibar Beaches

So, you see there is no particular good or bad time for Tanzania Safari Destinations. However, the only time we advise you to avoid is between April and May when heavy rains can disrupt wildlife viewing or mountain hiking or beach bathing. Hopefully, this guide provides you with all the necessary information you are looking for Safari to Tanzania. Having said that, if you’ve any further questions regarding planning a perfect Tanzania Safari Tours, please visit us at Kinesi Tours & Safaris.




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